while i believe that the deepest connections are found in the eyes, the heart and in human touch, i would be silly not to utilize technology to reach more people.



Life is a constant evolution. Starting this June, with the New Moon Cancer, my online New Moon Recordings are evolving. I am excited to present to you 13 Moon Sacred Circle. Join me every month, in the comfort of your own home, for New Moon practices, yoga, meditation, and sacred ritual to connect you deeper to your truth and alignment with the Moon and Her cycles!

We pulse with the rhythm of the Moon, and the Moon ebbs and flows every month, 13 times a year, in and out of each zodiac sign. The planets make their own orbit, dancing with the Moon to create what we call “aspects”, that believe it or not, affect us.

As we refine our essence and connection to the Moon, we begin to align deeper with who we are. Since I’ve focused my attention on these practices, I’ve revealed an entire new significance to this practice.

Each month you will receive in your inbox, digestible, usable tips and tricks for a deeper connection, that support you in your personal practice and simple rituals you can share with your students if you are a teacher or healer.

Each month you will have access to:

  • New Moon Aspects … Astrological, lunar and planetary aspects for this New Moon cycle.
  • PDF Slide show on general intention setting guidelines for this New Moon
  • Suitable meditation for this Lunar cycle and suggested essential oils that can enhance your practice.
  • A simple chant, pranayama, mudra, and/or yoga sequence designed for all levels of practitioners.
  • Full Moon Release and aspects which will be delivered to you closer to the actual date.
  • Access to our Facebook community

For more information please go to www.13moonsacredcircle.com

Join the Sacred Circle for $18/month.

As a special offer, you can subscribe to a full year for $198 - this offer only lasts until July 22nd!

We will be meeting in circle, in person, every month with the Full Moon. Learn more and join us for Moon Circles here


This is a simple, 21 day Radiance Sadhana to kick off your commitment to the New Year.  Read here what that means exactly and why it’s important. I will be offering multiple 21 day Sadhanas in 2017 - each with a different theme.  You may begin these anytime that suits your schedule.  Stay tuned for more information. 

  •  In session and available now:  Radiance - this reminds us all of our innate, radiant qualities.  That everything we search for outside of us is actually already within us.


Fall 2017

Embodying the Goddess Workshop 

goes online!  What is that?  You will be able to explore the energy of 5 of the most powerful goddesses from the comfort of your own home!  Each Goddess holds healing and transformative energy that each of us embodies on one level or another.  Learn how to embrace the qualities of the Goddess in your everyday living. We will explore the likes of Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Saravasti and Parvati.  Learn mantras and energies that can invoke their power into your daily life. Learn mystical priestess technologies like yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting to invoke the Goddess within. More information to come! (20 hours toward 300 hour Embody Truth Yoga Teacher Training) 

My Chakra Dive Immersion Online!  

More detailed information to come but you will receive 7 videos: each three hours long, one per chakra, available for you to use/integrate at your leisure!  (28 hours toward 300 hour Embody Truth Yoga Teacher Training) 


  •  A physical, mental, emotional and spiritual overview.  
  • The element, ailments and how to reinstate harmony.  
  • Meditations, Surya Namskar and specific postures to help in realignment.
  • 60 minute practice
  • Instructions on how to set up your alter specifically for each chakra


An awakening in your life, creating soul expansion, healing and sustaining grace and balance. 

Winter 2018

The Yamas and the Niyamas 

are the crux of living your yoga off your mat.  They ARE the way we live our yoga. With this program, I will offer the descriptions of each one as per Sri Swami Patanjali, along with several journaling practices you can do at home.  Not only that, but each program/session offers you a meditation/asana practice to dive in deeply and explore these processes and how they show up in your day to day life as a spiritual being living a human experience.  More information to come!  (30 hours toward 300 hour Embody Truth Yoga Teacher Training) 

Spring 2018

Theming and sequencing

your class is a powerful practice to cultivate.  Creating a sustainable, exciting, sought after classe, workshops and retreats for your students is a practice in and of itself!  Start with a basic theme for your class --- create a dharma, use pranayam, asana sequences, and chants to bring it home!  Learn how to weave your teaching into something that is more than sharing the love of yoga to more of a way of living your yoga OFF your mat!  

All of these online programs qualify for 300 hour continuing education through Embody Truth Yoga Teacher Training. Please email Dana with inquiry about this certification.