Inner Wisdom Soul Empowerment Training Program


Choose the option that speaks to you and then begin to embody that truth, freedom and love in all that you do.

This is not a yoga training that focuses on just the physical aspect of yoga. It is a soul empowerment course that nurtures the aspects that serve you and releasing the ones that don’t. Experiencing a deep self-love that carries you to the next stage of your evolution. Using yoga, movement, meditation, journaling and ancient techniques in energy healing … you will finally live the life you desire that is alive and in alignment with who you are at a soul level.

“Yoga is a way to move the body and balance energy. It’s not about ‘yoked arms, six-pack abs, lean thighs and a tight butt’. It’s about the inner strength that keeps you balanced regardless of what is going on around you. Your dance on your mat becomes meditation in motion and you feel more alive than ever before because you are moving in truth and freedom, expressing unconditional love for your self. This energy and belief has no other choice but to follow you off your mat and carry you out into the world.

Stepping on your mat becomes sacred time – honoring the Self by saying, ‘I deserve this time to replenish and regroup so I can go and serve the world.’ When we move and breathe, we release the mind from its binds and limits… opening the heart to pure, authentic, self love. When more and more individuals experience this type of self-love, the whole world heals.” – Dana Damara

Live your life with purpose, power and passion…period. Set your life on fire with intention and make each day a magical event!

Hari Om, Sat Nam (absolute God in action, truth is your name)

Our mantra:
“I am a yogi…united with spirit and all that is. I am full of wisdom, grace and strength. I exude fierce compassion for all this is, accept all that was and embrace all the love that is coming my way. I am in control of my life and have moved into my full power by falling in love with myself.” – Dana Damara – author, thought leader, yogini, mother

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Monday – Friday:  January 27th – 31st, 2014
Monday – Friday:  November 10th – 14th, 2014
Yoga Tree Potrero Hill
9:00am – 5:00pm

16th St at De Haro
2nd Floor, World Gym
San Francisco, CA


Ready to dive in? Join us for five consecutive days and really immerse yourself for a deeper understanding of the power of your intuition and how to use it effectively to create the life you love. Being manifesting your most powerful life infused with purpose and passion.

You will begin each day with a 90 minute class followed by training and integration in mantra, tantra, Reiki healing, deep chakra work, using your intuitive guidance and manifesting your best life.

What you will get:
• Using the chakra system to understand illness and techniques on how to heal the body
• Tapping into your intuitive guidance for decision making that is aligned with your soul’s purpose
• Simple mantras and chants for protection, healing and manifestation
• Easy meditation and visualization techniques that will bring inspiration to your daily life
• Recognizing triggers as they happen and using new tools to get through them with compassion and grace
• A clear understanding of your passions and gifts in this life – how to use them!

What you will learn – how to:
• Direct your energy for optimal health and productivity
• Stay committed to your goals and dreams regardless of how things are showing up.
• Embrace every, single dimension of yourself – forgiveness on all levels of your being and dimensions
• Live from a place of pure gratitude and understanding that all this is … is perfect!
• Aligning your thought, words and actions with your heart.
• Replace ineffective patterns with healthy behaviors
• Manifest what you REALLY desire

What you can expect during and after the training:
• A safe place for you to experience a deep connection to others while exploring the depths of your subtle body
• Empowerment to live your best, most authentic, purposeful life
• A deep sense of what you deserve and are worthy of in all areas of your life: (finances, relationship, environment, career, health, spiritual connection)
• Connection with your community
• Confidence to stand in your truth
• Fierce compassion, empowered grace and gracious living
• Inspiration on how to take your practice off your mat and weave it into your life
• Wisdom to trust and integrate your intuitive guidance all the time

Register before December 31, 2013 and get the early bird rate!
$599  if you register before 12/31/2013
Normal rate of $777 on 1/1/2014