Girls Elevate ™, is an organization dedicated to building girls’ self-esteem, creating connection between parent and daughter, and healing the planet through selfless service (SEVA) and community outreach. We do that through two meetings a month that include education and development programs covering: self awareness techniques, team-building, conscious collaboration, community outreach, philanthropic field trips, and planting the seeds of spiritual activism to heal our planet.

The program started in Marin County California and is expanding nationwide… this will represent swift, sustainable, global change!  Want to create a chapter in your town?  Read here about our Mentorship Program and then ask us how!

Our Mission is…

▪ To bring parents and daughters together in unity and acceptance of each other, working together to heal this planet.
▪ To plant seeds of spiritual activism through community outreach and global connection as a parent/daughter team.
▪ To guide our daughters to their highest potential and purpose.
▪ To assist in bringing the feminine and masculine energy into divine order.