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About 13 years ago I started on a truth seeking journey that has dropped me into the depths of understanding the Self through natural healing modalities like yoga, meditation, massage, dream-keeping, astrology, crystal healing, sacred geometry, chanting, and mystical encounters.

It hasn’t always been an easy road as sometimes those steps in the next direction required great risk or heart wrenching surrender.  But always, in the end, there was a deeper turn of my heart, expansion of my breath, and clarity of mind. 

I have three goals with essential oils in my life ... 

1. Maintain health in the most organic way possible
2. Educate my children on radical self-responbility
3. Eliminate the toxic load in my home and my life
3. Create residual income that can eventually support us all
4. Reducing the power of the pharmaceutical companies

I use these oils in my home, on my children, in my classroom and now, most recently, have begun making specific blends for personal healing. 

I am the mother of two amazing, young women who are stepping into their power, which means game on for me.  Not only that but outside of my mothering, I am very concerned with the path our society is taking.   In fact, I think it’s because of my mothering that I have become more aware and passionate about this planet and how we spend our time here. 

Issues we are passionate about hold the power to wake us up – to jolt us into being.  They create a humming in our ears and vibration in our heart even when we’re resting.  This is when we know there’s no time to go back to sleep, take a nap, or even hit the snooze button.  When we want to be awake to it all, even if it hurts.  This is when we decide to awaken on as many levels of our being as possible.

This is when we begin embodying the words:  Radical Self Responsibility

No text book, yoga practice, meditation, chanting, or astrology reading could have ever prepared me for raising children; let alone two young women who are just like me.  And I’m choosing to traverse this journey consciously, which has required maximum effort and offered infinite opportunities of love, compassion, and empathy.   

My mothering is my deepest offering, so I want to be awake as possible - even when it hurts.
This is where I want to embody Radical Self Responsibility

In my day to day - I continue expand ways of connecting in order to…

·      Strip away illusion
·      Reduce the density of my own being
·      Awaken to deeper dimensions of healing

…so I may be of service while I am here roaming this planet. 

In February 2016, at the New Moon in Pisces and Solar Eclipse, when I launched my first online course, I wrote down as an intention …

“Diving deeper into knowing my truth.  Learning more about plant medicine and the healing properties of essential oils.  Creating graceful streams of income while reaching people outside my realm of physical connection.  Forming a bridge for the modern day woman to connect to her inner Goddess with simple ritualistic techniques.” 

All of the things I currently “do” now … writing, teaching, facilitating, leading, mothering, being … all bring me closer to these manifestations.   And the essential oils portion of Dana Damara Evolution, is one of them. 

I’ve been using these oils in my home for years, on my children since they were babies, and for my own healing since I can remember.  It’s all leading up to the

13 Moon Wisdom Sessionsbridging that gap between mystical encounters with real parenting issues like teenage drama, work-life balance, sex after divorce, and being true to yourself in a world that moves way too fast for us all. 

I use these oils every single day as a way to connect to the Divine because sometimes… all I get is 15 minutes after my shower, if I’m lucky.  These oils are tricky and magical but easy to use honestly.  And their healing properties drop right into your cellular being so you needn’t wait and wait for results.  No, you just need to believe. 

Now, as I continue to build a stream of residual income by bringing this medicine to the people, I have not only learned about the powerful properties of the plants, but also the magic of intuitive healing. 

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils for wellness in body, mind and spirit, or if you'd like to mentor directly with me and build a thriving business that will bring you to another level of wealth consciousness and empowerment, I am here to show you the way. I can't wait to hear from you!

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