Group Mentorship - 4 Months $888*


Group Mentorship - 4 Months $888*

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UP-level your teaching alongside your tribe!  This is an online and in person mentorship program that meets weekly for four months to discuss, support and enhance your practice and your teaching.  You will want to choose this option if your goals are to:

  • UP-grade your 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate to an advanced level
  • Spend more time teaching yoga and doing what you love 
  • Add more tools to your teacher tool box 
  • Stay connected with your tribe

We will do all that in an online, focused format along with a once Monthly Master Class

  • I will get online with you once weekly via ZOOM call. These online meetings will have a focus that you ALL are interested in learning about and can share ideas about after our initial phone call.  
  • You will plan to meet with each other when you can to collaborate or practice - to stay connected! 
  • I will plan a once monthly in person Master Class that you are not required to attend but are encouraged to attend (there will be no make up sessions) 

This is an incredible deal if you are craving additional direction in your teaching career and time with your tribe.  I am limiting this first session to only 11 participants.  Once this initial session completes, we will re-evaluate the amount of people in the next one.  We begin September 2018 and end December 2018.