"Embody Truth Yoga School has been training aspiring teachers for over 12 years. In Washington State, I've certified over 75 yoga teachers. In San Francisco, in just under 5 years, I've certified over 150 lovely souls. Some of those trainees go on to lead classes, some open yoga studios and some simply enjoy their new way of being open, aware and present.

This training is unique in that you don't just learn sequencing, methodology, philosophy, anatomy and technique. You learn all of that and ... since I've been trained by Byron Katie, Michael Beckwith, Louise Hay, Greg Brayden, Wayne Dyer, and Bruce Lipton ... you will also be introduced to thought processes for your mind, body and soul.

People ask me who my "teachers" are. I tell them... my daughters first, then Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Janet Stone, and every lovely soul who has crossed my path. This practice isn't just about sequenicng a class ... you learn to envision your life in HD and then live in a more balanced, authentic way. - Dana Damara, Creator and Founder; Embody Truth Yoga School


We are in full swing of our Fall Session!! 2019 session dates to be announced soon! They will be held in San Francisco and North County, San Diego. Stay tuned.

For more information about the program, or to pay your tuition, please email dana@danadamara.com 

TT deposit - $500
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Teaching yoga is not about teaching yoga at all. It’s about sharing your passion, your uniqueness, your core values, your perspective on what’s important, and then learning how to use your voice to share it.
— Dana Damara



Dates and venue to be announced soon.



Teaching Techniques
Teaching Methodology
Asana, Pranayama
Philosophy and Ethics
Anatomy & Physiology


This training is more than just teaching methodology, philosophy, asana and technique: it’s a switch in your lifestyle.  You needn’t have any experience to enroll in this training … just a willingness to open up your life to more truth, freedom and love.

Yoga School: More Than Just Learning

1. Follow your bliss.
2. Deepen your yoga practice.
3. Find work/life balance.
4. Go beyond the physical.

5. Take control of your career.
6. Focus your practice.
7. Choose your specialty.
8. Be of service.
9. Create communities.
10. Find Samadhi.

Cancellation Policy:  

Following your purchase of teacher training tuition, you have a 30-day grace period to cancel minus the $500 deposit. There are no refunds, however, the amount can be transferred to another Embody Truth teacher training program within one year.

For more information about the program, or to enroll, please email: dana@danadamara.com5


"Embody Truth training is unique because of the heart and soul that creator Dana Damara has woven into the very fabric of its essence. This program matches the other 200 hour hour trainings Ive taken in its breadth and depth, coverage of all the major necessary components. However, this training goes above and beyond in its call to action, inviting participants to show up fully and arrive to a more than ever awakened state of being. The transformation Ive witnessed in the graduates of this program is magnificent. If you are interested in learning yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, sanskrit, sequencing, and more, this program is for you. If you are interested in delving deep within yourself to remove obstacles and access an unrestricted flow of pure energy that helps you transform towards your highest good and most resonant alignment, than this training is for you!"

- Leila Burrows, co-Founder, The Pad Studios

Completed your 200 Hour Teacher Training?

I ask every trainee, ‘What is important to you?  Why do you want to do this?  What difference is it going to make in your life?’  Most people don’t know when they begin this spiritual journey but they find out pretty quickly, that’s for sure.” - Dana Damara

“A yoga teacher is someone who links posture together for the sake of getting a good workout.  A yogi(ni) sharing the love of yoga, is a person who embodies truth in action; who shares their passion and love for this practice with their whole heart every time they step on the mat; who uses the teaching platform not to be perfect or ‘better then’, but to be authentic to their imperfections.  A yogi(ni) uses this life, this mat, this room, to share their passion with their world in order to heal the planet.” Dana Damara